A.N.S.I – American National Standards Institute

A non-profit organization that oversees voluntary consensus standardization to all aspects of manufacture and commerce.  They are the official U.S representatives to ISO, coordinating the creation of standards relative to valves and fitting manufacturing.


A.S.M.E-  American Society of Mechanical Engineers

An organization primarily concerned with the safety aspects of a finished product.  They construct testing and standards and issue joint certifications with an engineering focus



A.S.T.M-  American Society For Testing and Materials

A voluntary standards development organization.  Often times this organization will coordinate testing and standard procedures with A.N.S.I



CSA – Canadian Standards Association

CSA develops both Canadian and U.S standards and testing criteria for use primarily in gas applications.  Upon meeting these standards, a manufacturer can be issued approvals and certificates of compliance.



FM- Factory Mutual

FM is comprised of three separate insurance companies, this organizations goals is to set standards, provide services and prevent property loss through focus on fire prevention systems and practices.  Approvals are issued upon compliance of their standards.



International Organization for Standardization

A global organization that creates standards, which apply to manufacturing and other areas of business and offer synergies through the application of the standards.



NSF- National Sanitation Foundation

A non-profit, non-government organization that develops standards and issues certifications for valves and fitting components as they relate to public health and the environment



UL – Underwriter’s Laboratory

UL is a non-profit testing and certification organization that evaluates the performance of valves throughout various applications.  In order for a manufacturer to be on the “listed” status with UL, their products must comply with the standards and successfully pass the testing criteria.



UPC/IAPMO-  Uniform Plumbing Code/International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

An association of plumbing inspectors and engineers that oversee the development, construction and maintenance of plumbing systems. They created the Uniform Plumbing Code, which is a combination of the individual Standard Plumbing, Standard Gas and Standard Water Pipe Codes