In today’s market, when every cent counts, durability is a main concern to consumers. That being said, brass fittings are the preferred choice in households when using hot water.

Brass fittings are made from copper and zinc, which are flexible and are able to endure high temperatures. Brass fittings also have excellent conductivity.  This allows hot water to disperse and to operate more efficiently.

Brass fittings are also more affordable, which keeps your installation costs down. In the history of the irrigation and plumbing industries, brass products have been used and preferred for many applications due to its lasting features.

Doors, windows, and other plumbing components are often made out of brass.  Brass fittings can be found in old and modern homes, and are used indoors and outdoors.

Here are some important benefits of using brass products for your next irrigation, plumbing or agricultural project.

  • Brass is highly durable and does not easily crack or deteriorate from exposure to outside elements such as heat and freezing temperatures.
  • Brass has the ability to withstand high temperatures, and is spark and fire resistant.
  • Brass naturally inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Brass irrigation valves tend to outperform plastic valves.
  • Great value.

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